Mulch and Rock


Mulch Installation Services

 Mulching around trees and flower beds adds an instant touch of elegance and beauty to your landscape.  However, mulching can be more beneficial than most people know.  Installing mulch can help to prevent weed growth, retain moisture during dry seasons, prevent soil erosion, and maintain soil nutrients.  Mulch is available in the following colors:  natural hardwood, black, dark brown, bright red, and auburn.  


Decorative Rock Installation Services

Using rock instead of mulch around trees and flower beds also has several benefits in addition to adding beauty to your landscaping.  Unlike mulch, rock will not fade or deteriorate over time.  Rock is a more permanent landscaping solution as it does not need to be redone every year therefore saving you money in the long run. 


Figuring out how much you need

T he most confusing part about installing mulch or rock is figuring out exactly how much you actually need.  The chart below displays how many square feet one cubic yard of mulch and/or rock will cover at a certain depth.  Figuring out how much mulch or rock your landscaping requires is easier to calculate than you may think.  Use this formula to determine how many cubic yards of material that is needed:  (length x width x depth / 324)  for example:  a flower bed measures 10 feet long and 8 feet wide and you want to install mulch or rock  at a 4" depth the formula would look like (10x8=80x4=320/324=0.987 or 1 cubic yard of materials).