Grass Cutting Services


We offer both weekly and biweekly grass cutting and weed-eating services.  Blower services are provided at the end of each grass cutting service to remove clipping from walkways, driveways, patios, and street curbing.  We understand that mowing is an essential element in helping to keep your lawn healthy year after year.  Believe it or not a well cut lawn is your best defense against controlling weeds.

Ideally, grass should be cut to a level of 3 inches in height.  This allows the grass to maintain a deeper root system which in turn can prevent large weeds from invading your lawn.  Although we offer bagging services, we recommend bagging your lawn only when it is absolutely necessary.  Leaving the fresh cut grass clippings provides great nutrients for your lawn and can even help your lawn retain water.  

If you need to water your lawn we recommend watering early in the morning, preferably before the sun is up.  Be sure to water the lawn deeply (typically between 15-30 minutes) to allow for evaporation during the heat of the day.  Be careful not to overwater, it is best to let your lawn get partially dry between waterings.

We always keep up with regular mower maintenance that includes keeping our mower blades sharpened.  We understand, that for many of our clients, having a nice green lawn is a representation of proud home ownership. We take great pride in helping you keep your lawn healthy and looking its best.