There are several benefits to core aeration.  Aerating is the process of inserting holes in the ground which allows for better water and nutrient absorbtion.  It can also help reduce thatch from building up.  Aerating also enhances your soils oxygen level which in turn stimulates root growth.  Although core aeration can be done at any point during the year it is typically done during prime growing conditions such as the spring or fall when new grass seed can be planted.  The only exception is for those customers who have Bermuda or Zoysia grass.  The prime growing conditions for these types of grass is typically late May into early June. 

We only use quality products and will proudly provide labeling information when requested.  We understand that the success of our business relies on happy, satisfied customers.  We NEVER "cut corners".   Our aerator machines are regularly maintained and brand new tines have been installed on all of our machines this season.  All of our aerators deep penetrate the ground and pull plugs.  We only use "blue tag" certified seed that has 0% weed seed content and no filler products.  We also use a high quality starter fertilizer that is used to spark the growth of new seed. The enhanced calcitic lime treatment is also a high quality product that raises soil PH level in weeks compared to regular lime that can take months. 25lbs of enhanced calcitic lime is equal to roughly 100lbs of traditional lime.  Our customers can rest easy knowing they are getting quality products and services at an affordable price.  

We are here to help!  If you need recommendations or help on maintaining a healthy lawn just give us a call or text us at 804-874-7878, click on the contact us link above or simply email us at  We will be happy to provide you with information, recommendations, and/or service.